my birthday present to myself

I am starting up this blog today, as my birthday present to myself.

It’s not done “starting”. This is only the beginning of the beginning. Eventually it will be way more shiny-looking and exciting. Today it’s just a brand new baby blog.

For weeks now, I’ve been promising myself I’ll start a blog…as soon as I think of a good name, as soon as I figure out what it’s about, as soon as I decide which site to do it on, as soon as I have a really kick-ass First Post, as soon as I figure out what I want it to look like…well, I’ve decided I’m done with “as soon as”. I can do all those things AFTER I start the blog. All those things are great ideas, but the thing that’s really important is that I just JUMP IN AND GET STARTED.

So, to kick us off, you’ll see that the first post, below, is a list of 11 reasons why I’m afraid to start a blog.

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7 Responses to my birthday present to myself

  1. Honor says:

    Word! We really are blog twins. Good thing I didn’t make a list on my blog or we would have had to fight about who plagerized who (or however you spell that word)

    • choirqueer says:

      Plagiarism, schmagiarism! I claim no copyright on list-making!

      Also, I like that your comment both began and ended with the word “word”.

  2. karencee says:

    Way to go! Happy Birthday! Seems a great way to celebrate =)

  3. Anne Wright-Lohaus says:

    Great name., I was trying to think of a rainbow name, but it never jelled. Have fun with it. I hope to check in sometimes.

  4. What an awesome start to a blog! I’m following you on Google Reader so you’ve got at least one person who will read what you write. 🙂

  5. Patsy says:

    Your honesty touches me.
    I hope to return often to read your blog.

  6. Pchan says:

    Happy birthday and welcome to the blogosphere!

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