11 Things I Am Definitely Going To Do When I Can Walk Again

I’ve been on vacation in Seattle for two weeks now.

This trip has been challenging because I am nursing an ankle injury, which significantly limits my ability to walk or even stand for extended periods of time. It’s my left foot, and I’ve injured it several times in the last few years — two major sprains, then pulled the Achilles tendon twice in the same month — and after that second pull, it just never really got better.

I tried staying off it for a few months, but it’s nearly impossible to stay off of an ankle injury without getting a wheelchair. My right ankle, while not actively injured, is not very strong, and I’m afraid if I were to go to crutches, I would end up with two busted ankles.

I did try to get some medical attention for it. The unfortunate thing about soft tissue injuries is that I (as a massage therapist) actually know more about them than your average doctor, and so I already know there isn’t much that can be done for it. I can stay off it as much as possible, I can brace it if I have to use it, I can elevate it if it hurts, I can ice it if it swells, I can heat-treat it if it’s stiff. Basically, I can just hope for the best. That’s what the docs said, too.

So, for the moment, what this means is that I’ve spent most of my vacation in the seated position.

This hasn’t been all bad, though. It’s meant I’ve had plenty of time to write. I’ve started some new projects, including this blog.

It’s also meant that my level of appreciation for walking has substantially increased. I’ve got an ongoing list of things that I will be excited to do when I can use my foot again. Here are some of them:

11 Things I Am Definitely Going To Do When I Can Walk Again
1. Walk along the river by my apartment
2. Walk around the trails at the historical park across the street
3. Go on a treasure hunt in Philadelphia, with the treasure being “vegan treats”.
4. March in a Pride parade
5. Take a dance class
6. Get my friends to show me how to contra-dance and see if I like it
7. Befriend dogs and take them for walks
8. Take the stairs up to my apartment instead of the elevator
9. Walk the perimeter path at Pendle Hill
10. Go rollerskating
11. Climb a mountain

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