Chatting With a Monster

Sometimes I get crazy ideas and then don’t follow through on them. There’s a part of me that really likes to judge me when this happens. I’ve recently begun a practice of talking with the monsters that block me from moving forward in my life, inspired by Havi Brooks of The Fluent Self…and I think the thing that’s blocking me this time is not actually the “not following through”, but the judgy little monster who thinks I shouldn’t even start if I might not follow through.

See, I have this brilliant idea for VeganMoFo – the Vegan Month of Food, which is the whole month of October. It’s a really cool idea! I want to tell you all about it!

But I have this little monster telling me that I shouldn’t post about my idea.

I think this monster and I need to have a talk.

I will name the monster Judge Jinxy. If we’re going to talk, it would help for me to know the name of the monster I’m talking to.

JJ: You shouldn’t post about this idea!
me: Why not?
JJ: Because you might not do it!
me: But if I don’t post about it, I definitely won’t do it.
JJ: But if you post about it, everyone will expect you to do it.
me: So? I’ve failed to meet people’s expectations plenty of times before!
JJ: Also, someone might steal your idea…and do it better!
me: Awesome! That would actually be super cool, don’t you think?
JJ: …hey, that’s a good point.
me: I think I should post about it. Then people can help me with the idea. I think I’d rather start it and not finish, than never start at all.
JJ: Okay. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.
me: I won’t. See, I’m even including our conversation in the post, for posterity’s sake. So nobody can say you didn’t warn me.
JJ: Okay. Well, good luck.
me: Thanks!

*high five!*

— (end scene.) —

Stay tuned for the upcoming post about my idea!

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5 Responses to Chatting With a Monster

  1. I am so happy that you decided to post about your idea! I know it is to come up with ideas, end up starting and not finishing or not even starting at all. Letting people know your goals and ideas is a wonderful way to help hold yourself accountable. And if you still don’t finish your project, goal or whatever, who cares! When you start something, it doesn’t always mean it’s the right time for you to complete it. Maybe you learned what you needed to learn from just starting. Maybe finishing the project wasn’t what would serve you the best. It’s all beautiful and it’s all perfect. I can’t wait to hear about your project. 🙂

  2. Karhma Dent says:

    I am curious as to what the idea will be. I may steal your idea/ make a food as well…but full credit will be given if I play along. 🙂 Made a great soup tonight. I find us eating vegan about 40% of the time. Anyway-looking forward to seeing what you make. 🙂

  3. I saw this, and thought of a workshop Liz used to lead called Bringing Our Shadow Into the Light where she taught people to be compassionate toward those parts of ourselves that seem to get in our way, especially those that judge us because they only want to be helpful. They’re there for a reason that doesn’t at all seem obvious until we take time to listen. Really listen. With compassion. That monster might have a gem for you other than “that’s stupid, don’t do it” and it might help to partner with that monster to let them know that the real truth they have to offer is still needed and valued.

    At least that’s my experience. Because when I don’t, my monsters are really really sneaky and good at undermining me when I least expect it. Not because it’s really a monster, but because it just wants to be helpful.

    • choirqueer says:

      Yeah! That’s my experience too. Also, I often find that the monsters exist to help me clarify my real truths, and that once I start talking with them, they become friends pretty quickly because they were really just being monstrous so that I would have some resistance to work with.

      • Pchan says:

        “I would have some resistance to work with.”

        I never would have thought about it that way. Thanks for turning what would be a downer into a positive thought! Love it!

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