My Idea for VeganMoFo: An Invitation for YOU!

Through the month of October, Rainbow Soup will be celebrating VeganMoFo!

VeganMoFo is the Vegan Month of Food. I’m a vegan, October is my favorite month, and I love food. What could be better?

Last night, I got a brilliant idea for how to celebrate VeganMoFo. I will interview awesome vegans and feature them on the blog, along with food (since it is the Vegan Month of Food)…either something they suggest that I should cook, or a dish that I invent for them.

I started making a list of all the awesome vegans I could think of. It got really long. This made me really happy. It also made me a little nervous! How could I choose? Who am I forgetting? How do I decide whom to include?

So, I’m inviting you to help me out!

I’m asking you to nominate any vegan you can think of, who you’d like to see interviewed on my blog. You can definitely nominate yourself!

Tell me why your nominee is a good choice: are they a passionate animal rights activist? are they a great cook? do they make cool cruelty-free crafts that I can tell everyone to go buy? are they a grown-up raising vegan kids, or a vegan kid raising grown-ups? do they have some interesting story to tell that might not directly relate to veganism, but would be cool to share anyway?

The only requirement for someone to be nominated is that they need to be vegan. New vegans (“I just went vegan a week ago, yay!”) totally qualify. If you’re not vegan, but are interested in learning more about veganism or about how to eat more plants and less animals, send me a message and we’ll talk!

You can submit your nominations by commenting here, or emailing me: .

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5 Responses to My Idea for VeganMoFo: An Invitation for YOU!

  1. rachell37 says:

    Panders! I know you know this, but she’s an amazing activist whose blog (along with Gabrielle) celebrates everyday vegans making a difference at a local/national/international level. She’s also a craft superstar and an excellent baker, selling her amazingly adorable wares on her Etsy sites, Panda with Cookie and Panda with Cookie Bakes. And she’s just a genuinely wonderful person (which I can say with certainty without having ever met her) who somehow seems to always be the voice of reason in the background, like your conscience. She’s honestly the first person who came to mind when I read the description of who you want to interview, so I nominate her.

    • choirqueer says:

      Thanks, Rachel!
      Okay, help me out…Do I know who Gabrielle is? I’m sure I know and am just not connecting the real name with the online presence.

  2. gpope says:

    Teehee, I’m Gabrielle. Vijita on the PPK. Great idea! This is what we’re trying to do with Vegans on the Move, and it’s awesome that you’re planning on doing it too!

  3. I vote for Amy from tahinitoo!

  4. phoenix says:

    Great idea! I nominate Tami (her blog is I tested some recipes for her cookbook, which is just so totally awesome. Plus she’s writing another one with Celine from have cake, will travel (whom I have met and who is also great)!

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