37 things i love right now

TJ Beitelman has a Thing where he posts lists of 30 Things [he] Love[s] Right Now. TJ’s doing a project — Wag the Blog! Otherwise Known As! “Self-Portrait(s) in a Convex Mirror” — in which he’s inviting other people (you?) to use some of the autobiographical forms that he likes to use.

I’m a bit allergic to round numbers this year, but I love lists and I wanted to make my “things I love” list a nice chunky number. I’ve been really into the number 11 this year, and I just turned 26, so I added them and got 37.

37 things i love right now.

1. Garlic naan! I made some. It came out pretty well for a first attempt.
2. Soy candles that smell nice! Because they are fun and I can light them on fire and I’m not allergic to them.
3. Grapefruit juice. Really, anything emerging from within a grapefruit. I’m drinking grapefruit juice right now. Grapefruits are amaaaaaaaaaaaazing.
4. Admiring the artwork of people who are insanely talented at something at which I am not particularly talented. (see, here are some truly amazing ones! ) Please, for your own edification, go ahead and click on each word in the parentheses; each is an individual link to the website of an amazingly creative awesome friend!
5. At Whole Foods today, the cashier asked me if I would like to round up the amount of my purchase to the next dollar and donate the change to their organization of the month. I’ve grown acculturated to being annoyed by that, but today I loved it because (a) I had forgotten to bring my own bags today, so I couldn’t donate the bag credit (b) I was grateful for the reminder to donate to this particular organization, the Whole Kids Foundation which funds access to gardens and vegetables and nutrition education for children (c) I really like the idea of establishing philanthopy as a social norm (d) if I can afford to shop at Whole Foods, I can afford to donate 46 cents so other people can have vegetables (e) it gave me something interesting to think about as I drove home, since I really had to think hard about whether I really loved this or if it was just awkward, and I’m still thinking about it!
6. Community acupuncture. I started getting treatments at Philly Community Acupuncture in West Philly. AWESOME.
7. Everything Hybrid has ever recorded, remixed, or re-anythinged.
8. Collecting new music! So if you have some music you want to share with me, hook me up!
9. My teddy bear, Johann. He’s pretty great.
10. My water bottle, which I carry with me at all times. It’s all banged up and dented, and it’s probably time to get a new one, but I’m just not ready to part with this one. (Also, it’s awful-looking, but it holds water JUST FINE, so why would I want to spend money on a new one when the old one still works? Yeah, I’m like that.)
11. Writing. I really love writing. It makes me really happy.
12. Rainbows.
13. Dianne Sylvan’s post 10 Rules for Fat Girls
14. Making lists
15. My Healing With the Fairies oracle deck, full of brightly colored fairies who always want to be super helpful.
16. The sensory memory of cellophane noodles in a face-burning Thai soup, wiggling around on my tongue.
17. Eating Tofurky slices right out of the package. Especially the peppered ones.
18. That little “pop” sensation when I’m crocheting and the loop goes through smoothly.
19. Having a sex dream about someone so far distant in my past that there’s no longer any awkwardness associated with it and I can just enjoy the “experience”.
20. Finishing a really really big long library book (The Language of Life: A Festival of Poets by Bill Moyers, which is a 450-page collection of interviews with 34 contemporary American poets from a wide range of different cultural backgrounds; highly recommended!)
21. The rising widespread popularity of a cappella music.
22. When I woke up this morning, my cell phone was balanced perfectly on its side, on my windowsill. It’s still sitting like that. I have no idea how, or why, it is in that position. I will be sad to move it.
23. Cool writing prompts.
24. Foods that are designed to be dunked in other foods, and the foods in which those foods are designed to be dunked.
25. Giving myself an ear massage. And then a neck massage. And then both hands…
26. Being a massage therapist is pretty sweet, actually.
27. Sharing music with people and having them LOVE IT.
28. Rediscovering music from my past and relating to it in a whole different way. This week I came across my old Michelle Branch CD. I liked about 5 songs on that album, so I would always skip over half the CD. I still only like the same 5 songs, and I still REALLY like those 5.
29. Discovering that an author I was fond of in my youth has continued to write books. I’ve been catching up on Francesca Lia Block and Lois Lowry!
30. Making up songs about household appliances and singing them to myself when nobody can hear me.
31. Making up words in Scrabble and having them turn out to be real words.
32. Making up words, in general.
33. Making space to come up with neat ideas without also pressuring myself to actually do any of them.
34. Neglected numbers.
35. Farm Sanctuary
36. Cilantro
37. Hugging trees.

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3 Responses to 37 things i love right now

  1. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  2. phoenix says:

    I love the way you describe the crocheting “pop” thing so I know exactly what you mean. I can almost feel it.

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