Vegan Soul Kitchen: The Soundtrack!


It’s the Vegan Month of Food! I’m so excited to be participating for the first time this year. I’ve just started this blog recently and I’m totally pumped about posting every day for a month. I have been vegan for almost 9 years and I eat at least 3 times a day, so I feel pretty confident that I can come up with something to write about vegan food at least once a day for 30 days! I also happen to love eating, cooking, and writing. So I think this will be fun! I am also making a commitment to comment on 3-5 other VeganMoFo blogs each day, to support and connect with other awesome bloggers out there who are making the world a better place by sharing delicious vegan food with the world.

I went to the library a couple days ago, and wasn’t actually planning to pick up a stack of vegan cookbooks while I was there, but I sure am glad I did it anyway! I was thrilled to find Vegan Soul Kitchen, which I have now read cover to cover and with which I am now madly in love. Do you know what this cookbook has? A SOUNDTRACK. Every single recipe has a SONG that goes with it. Before I even cooked a single recipe from the book, I got on Grooveshark and made a playlist of the songs from the book, which was a monumentally enormous project and took me about two days! Please enjoy.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, in which I will tell you all about the amazing soup I am eating right now, featuring my new friend Turnip!

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8 Responses to Vegan Soul Kitchen: The Soundtrack!

  1. sara says:

    awesome! i own this cookbook and i haven’t actually made anything from it yet, but i love bryant terry’s taste in music. thanks for the playlist!

  2. Liz K. says:

    I love turnips. Especially little ones. My CSA baskets of late have included some beautiful little red ones. I like the purple topped white ones raw, sliced thin in salad or eaten like an apple. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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  4. jen molica says:

    Great theme, CQ! I have yet to really get into turnips. You have a way of changing my mind about everything.

    • choirqueer says:

      This was my first time ever with turnips! I am in love.

      I will strive to use my mind-changing powers for benevolent purposes only. 😀

  5. leslie says:

    I love that cookbook!!! Everything I’ve made is delicious.

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