A New Week, A New Turnip

VeganMoFo 2011

It’s a quiet night at Chez Choirqueer. I got home late from my rehearsal with my a cappella group, Project Philly, and then I recorded a little video of a song I wrote a few months ago, as a birthday gift for a friend.

It’s now the 16th day of VeganMoFo, and true to my goal, I have indeed posted every single day and also commented on 5 other VeganMoFo bloggers’ posts each day.

I am making turnip soup again, the same as last week’s from Vegan Soul Kitchen. This week I will try it with mustard greens, a luscious feisty treat to match the bitiness of the turnips. I have the turnips roasting in the oven now with a couple juicy shallots. I couldn’t resist slipping a chunk of raw turnip out of the mixing bowl, savoring the sting of its natural kick against my tastebuds before sending the rest off on a baking tray to Oven-Land. They will roast for an hour before I add them to the broth with the lightly-sauteed mustard greens. As my apartment fills with the aroma of the shallots releasing themselves to the heat of the oven, I sit nearby, drinking a glass of soy milk and thinking about what I might cook this coming week, preparing a shopping list to bring to the grocery store with me.

There will be some exciting surprises this week, so stay tuned!

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