Want more vegan food blog fabulousness?

I seem to have won an award! I tried to track down where this originated with no luck, but it appears that people are passing this around in support of blogs they love that have less than 200 followers; they may be just starting out or have a really particular niche or something like that. I am not really sure how one knows they have less than 200 followers, since people use all different means by which to follow a blog and not all of them are tracked publicly, but I still think it’s really sweet and I’d like to show my appreciation by continuing the trend and passing this award on to a few of the blogs that have made me really happy during this incredible Month of Food.

Laura at Retro Vegan nominated me for this award, and in turn I am asked to choose 5 new recipients of the award.

I want to first say that you would be here all day if I tried to list every single blog that deserves some honorable mention this month. People have just been doing such incredible, delicious stuff! It’s really been an honor and a privilege to participate in this even with so many wonderful people, and if you haven’t yet had a chance to surf around, you might try Random MoFo to see some of the vast and sundry offerings around the world.

So, that said, here are the first 5 blogs that come to mind for me when I think about who has particularly blown me away with awesomeness this month.

1. AstroNOMZ! Shortly before the start of VeganMoFo, Eric posted on the Post Punk Kitchen boards with a question totally unrelated to food. He wanted suggestions for what to name his astronomy blog. I, totally one-track-minded in my focus on preparing for VeganMoFo, told him he should start an astronomy-themed food blog, and call it AstroNOMZ. And he actually went and frickin’ did it. Despite having originally had no intention of doing VeganMoFo, Eric did a totally awesome job with this blog and shared some spectacular recipes, and I really hope he keeps it up!

2. Muffin Topped! Emily has been delighting me daily with her exceptionally well-crafted posts about her vegan food adventures. She has a uniquely exuberant writing style that makes all the food she writes about (which is clearly already amazing) sound about 500% more awesome, and her generous photos make it come alive in novel and enchanting ways. When I read her blog, I feel like I’m transported to a whole new level of vegan food blogging in which the blogging itself is an art form, even beyond just showing the creativity that goes into the food.

3. Fork and Beans! This blog has been blowing my frickin’ mind every day since I discovered it. Cara has been posting a series of the most adorably spookalicious gluten-free Halloween treats! Today there are some vegetables up there but up until now it has been all homemade candy, all day, every day. Every time I read her posts I start giggling incessantly because they just exude fun all over the place, and simultaneously have to steady myself from being bowled over by just how much talent this awesome human being has to take some chocolate and nuts and other assorted sugary things and turn them into candy bars that look like things you would pay money for in a really fancy candy shop. This is another blogger whose posts are artistic in their own right beyond just the food they showcase — if you go check them out, you’ll see what I mean!

4. It’s Easy Being Vegan! This blog does more than just feature vegan food. Each of Christine’s posts gives you a little slice of what a vegan lifestyle is all about and makes it a little more accessible to someone who may be just learning about veganism or is trying it out anew. I’ve been vegan for almost 9 years and I have learned some new things from reading Christine’s blog. I just discovered it a couple days ago and I am so thrilled to read it and to know about this excellent resource to share with the newly vegan and vegan-curious!

5. Up The Mofo! Emmeline, aka BooberTheFraggle, has been busting her ass day and night as an art school student with a penchant for projects that require extensive physical labor…and she’s still managed to post every day. She’s been sharing her “foodles” — you guessed it, food doodles! — illustrating the real-life daily diet of a hardworking food-loving artist on a low budget. You can also check out her year-round blog at Up The Folks, and more of her amazing artwork at Up The Folks Studio.

Here is the award which you can pass on to others!

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5 Responses to Want more vegan food blog fabulousness?

  1. Cara says:

    Okay, a few things here. First of all, WOW. Your super sweet paragraph about my blog is about THE nicest thing ever!!! That just warmed my heart, Oliver, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciated it. Secondly, your real name is Oliver!!! I was beginning to think it was choirqueer 🙂 Thirdly, YOU have a blog! Man, if I had known this, I would have been over here sooner. Any time you post over a FaB I only see your email so I had no clue. Now that I do know however, you better believe that I will be over here more often 🙂 Again, thank you! You seriously are way too sweet! xox, Cara

    • choirqueer says:

      Hi! It’s cool, my name is Oliver Danni but I happily answer to choirqueer. I thought I’d been commenting from my wordpress account! It should have linked to my blog. Blast! Well, I’m glad you’re here now. I am so glad I got the chance to warm your heart and look forward to reading more of your posts and maybe seeing you around here on my blog too! 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    I also want to thank you for your kind words about my blog, Oliver. Made my morning!
    Christine 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    Wow, choirqueer this is too much! I’m blushing crimson over here at the multitude of compliments you’re heaving on me so thank you! Sometimes I have a hard time mustering the energy to blog—as almost every post takes a couple hours to hone to my satisfaction—but knowing people like you truly enjoy the output makes it 10x easier. That compliment-laden paragraph made my day so much brighter. I’m lucky to count you as a friend, even if only on the internet =)
    I also didn’t know you had a blog so I will be checking out your posts pronto. What a great wide world of awesomeness, our vegan blog community!

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