[NaPoWriMo] ylem

Happy National Poetry Writing Month!
I am going to write a poem every day this month! Some will be great, some will just be okay. Every day, a poem!


but alive
a slow procession
through the shadows of my mind
opening up to integrate
everything that i have learned so far
inspiration is what takes me to the edge
the rhythms overtake me and i’m eaten alive
start over
the next passage
has a different doorway
the walls contract around me
inscribing my name in granite
and my memories scatter to the wind
a testimony to transfiguration
i can’t escape without a really detailed map
for hours
i lay here
trying to remember
while trying so hard not to
how many times can i start over?
i have to find my way through on my own, i think
i need you
i’m empty and i’m full all at the same time
i’m cymbals crashing, salsa dancing, time and space
ever elusive
in the confusion
maybe there is no escape
only oases on the inside
if you’re prepared to risk everything
maybe we can try to do this together
but i can only open one door at a time
when it closes
i have to ask myself
why did i ever come here?
why did i ever come back here?
i think time has finally slowed down
the illusion is as real as it gets
if nothingness fades away, then what is left?
anything and everything i can possibly be made to feel…

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