[NaPoWriMo] already lost

Happy National Poetry Writing Month!
I am going to write a poem every day this month! Some will be great, some will just be okay. Every day, a poem!

already lost
head full of disaster
they didn’t make it back
i reckon you lost me
somewhere along the way
bit it in half
another berry in the field
it tasted so good we forgot to brood homeward
juice dribbled down our faces
grass stains on our knees
and we were kids again
still half the size of me
cigarette, cigarette, fair hair and a smirk
if i unsmoked every explosion
shit, god
i would swallow it whole
what are we fighting for?
we’re tied to the biggest man
inside of my head
and i had lost you
long before the first shot was fired
what world had you been told that you were fighting for?
they didn’t make it back.
they were already dead
and i tried to get us tickets
on the way out
the world had gone entirely dark
already dead
what they had done
lies they’re telling you
everything i couldn’t fix
in my face
the smirk is golden
the silence, older than
the first shot fired
She was already dead.

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