Where the Crochet Hooks Live

My crochet hooks live in my crochet hook case!

I made it using this pattern: http://web.archive.org/web/20010820230737/members.aol.com/lffunt/alhookcase.htm

rainbow crochet hook case, closed and viewed from outside
rainbow crochet hook case with my hand opening it
crochet hook case, viewed from inside, black on inside with rainbow edging, 10 hooks in the case
close-up showing that the case has a secret pocket with a pack of tapestry needles in it
close-up of the other secret pocket, with scissors poking out of it

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4 Responses to Where the Crochet Hooks Live

  1. Kasi S. says:

    Cool! Do you have any trouble with the hooks poking through, though?

    • choirqueer says:

      Sometimes they poke through, but it’s not a big deal if they do. If it were a big issue, I could reinforce the back by filling the back panels with plastic material instead of using them as pockets, but I like the pockets better!

  2. Ainabarad says:

    Their home is an insanely beautiful place. 🙂

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