What I Bought at the Asian Market

Today I went to Gong’s Market in Malvern, PA.

This place is amazing! They have several little rooms of food. One of the rooms is basically just an entire room full of noodles. I was going to take a picture of it, but my phone battery died before I got a chance.

Of course, the temptation to impulse-buy at a store like this is very high. So many delicious-looking things! Such unbelievably low prices! Wow!

This is what I had planned to buy.
[image: Flying Horse seasoning sauce and package of flat rice noodles sitting on my marble countertop]
 photo ACC9F18A-E8E2-4E9F-A74B-C29A53021CD4-171-0000000D6770BA4F_zpsddxhv0xf.jpg

This is what I actually bought.
[image: seasoning sauce and rice noodles now surrounded by soybean paste, green bean cakes, some sort of crunchy fermented soybean thing, a package that looks like seitan labeled “tofu chips”, a package of spicy soymeat-on-a-stick thingies, red miso, a package of soy chicken, a can of mock duck, and a can of mock abalone]
 photo 51FDA1A0-9E99-491A-8003-8C3AD0C70C15-171-0000000D78F70894_zpssgidigfz.jpg

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2 Responses to What I Bought at the Asian Market

  1. Rachel says:


  2. Mary says:

    The room of noodles!

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