Wishing Shawls: the pattern!

I’ve gotten a couple requests for the pattern for the wishing shawls. Here it is!

  1. ch 4. dc 3 into 1st ch (furthest from hook), ch 2, dc 4 into same ch.
  2. ch 3, turn. dc 3 between 1st and 2nd dc at the beginning of the row. dc3 in between each dc3 cluster from the previous row. at the midpoint (the ch2 space), dc3 + ch2 + dc3. dc3 in between each dc3 cluster from the previous row to the end of the row. dc4 between the last two dc from the previous row.

Repeat 2 till shawl is the desired size. I usually do about 42 rows unless someone requests a different size. To finish: ch1 at the end of the row, then sc across the long end (I use 5 sc across each set of 2 dc).

To increase the color variation in your shawls, use 3 different colorways so you can carry the yarn up at the end of each row instead of having to cut and weave every row. This is how I do that:

  1. Complete a row with Color A
  2. Join Color B in the last step of the final dc from the previous row.
  3. Begin the new row by ch3 with Color B.
  4. Flip the end of Color A up and around. Make your 3dc right up over it, so the end of Color A is pointing toward you from between the ch3 and the first 3dc of your row (which go in between the two dc at the end of your previous row)
  5. Complete a row with Color B.
  6. Follow steps 2-5 with Color B and C, joining C and flipping B.
  7. When you get to the end of the row with Color C, the end of Color A will be right there where you left it! Make the last dc of your Color C row using both A and C held together (it will look a little funny, but you’re going to sc over it at the end, so no one will notice!)
  8. Repeat steps 3-5, flipping C and continuing with A…and so on and so forth!

I’ve been using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn for these shawls. It is a lovely soft yarn but it can be somewhat temperamental. It’s very clingy to work with, so if you have to frog your work, it will take a long time to do it…and it breaks a lot. I’ve gotten used to working with it, but it can be annoying if you’re expecting it to behave like other yarns.

You can check out some of the shawls I’ve made here! I sell them for $80 + shipping premade (prices may be higher for custom orders). https://www.facebook.com/choirqueeer/media_set?set=a.752896283300.1073741837.64900186&type=3

Feel free to use this pattern for whatever purpose you want. I am happy to offer it for free; please consider making a donation to Trans Lifeline if you feel so led.

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