Integrated Energy Work

Integrated Energy Work sessions are energy-based healing sessions which can be done in person or from any distance. I use a combination of techniques which include Reiki, chakra balancing, and spirit guidance through meditation. Are you interested? I charge $75 for in-person and distance sessions. Please email me at if you are interested. Read on for details!

Reiki is a technique that tunes into the natural healing energy. It amplifies the flow inside of you, physically and emotionally, releasing “stuck” energy and turning up the volume on the resonances that promote and support your well-being.

Chakra work taps into central points of energy in your body. Often, we can get a lot of good information by checking in with the chakras. In an Integrated Energy Work session, I will typically give each chakra some time to tell its own story, then focus on the connections between the chakras and how best to bring them into balance.

Spirit guidance comes from any number of spiritual entities — sometimes animal spirit guides, sometimes ancestors, or even deities. Often, they will appear in a session and offer assistance and/or information.

I use a combination of these techniques to get information that may be helpful to you and to channel the healing energy in the ways you need it most. In an in-person session, I will tell you during the session what information I receive. In a distant session, I will send you a written report by email which describes in detail everything that occurred in the session and any information that I receive.

Many people like to receive energy work because the sessions are safe, gentle, and relaxing. You can keep your clothes on. You don’t have to do anything special to receive a treatment. You can receive Reiki “hands-on” or “hands-off” – if you prefer not to be touched directly, it will work just as effectively. You don’t even have to be in the same physical location as the practitioner. Distance techniques can be used, so you can receive a session at any time, any place, without even leaving your home. Since most of my clients live too far to receive an in-person session, I have specially designed the distance sessions to fit the needs of my clients.

Anybody can learn to use these techniques! I chose to get specialized training so that I could use it most effectively and learn from teachers who had been practicing a long time. I received Level III Reiki certification in 2008, which means I am qualified to practice Reiki with in-person and distant clients and to teach Reiki to groups and individuals. I am also trained as a massage therapist, so I have specialized knowledge of the human body and the connections between physical, emotional, and spiritual health as grounded in the physical body. I graduated from the Indiana Therapeutic Massage School in 2009. I have also studied with a number of other bodywork and energywork practitioners outside of formal training programs.

Are you interested in a session? I would love to work with you! The rate for sessions is $75. Please email me at if you are interested.


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