Tarot Readings

Are you interested in a Tarot reading? I would love to do a reading for you!

A Tarot reading offers a fresh, creative perspective on your life. It can help you understand some of the factors at play in a situation that’s affecting you. It can predict what may happen in the future (which is different from foretelling the future), so you can make wiser choices based on having more information. It can help you learn more about yourself. It can share advice with you, often advice that you hadn’t thought of before. It can help you see connections and patterns between different events or people in your life.

I offer both Light and Heavy readings, so you can choose which is right for you.

A Light reading will use about 1-3 cards. This is a good way to get an answer to a simple question such as “What does this week have in store for me?”, to get advice on a particular situation such as “How can I best prepare for my parents’ visit?”, or to seek information on a general topic such as “What can the cards tell me now about my love life?” I do Light readings for $35.

A Heavy reading will be more in-depth, typically using 5-10 cards. This is a good way to do an in-depth personal check-in, or to get detailed information and guidance about a particular situation. Many people like to get a Heavy reading at the beginning of a new year, or at their birthday or the anniversary of a major life event. The guidance of a Heavy reading can help support you through a transitional period in your life, or make a decision about something important to you. I do Heavy readings for $70.

If cost is a barrier for you, please let me know and we’ll see if we can work out a reasonable, fair exchange.

I do readings via email. This means that you will receive a detailed written report, in which I describe each card and its meaning, and all of the information it has for you. You can then take that report and sit with it, meditate on it, share it with others if you like; it’s yours to keep.

To begin, you contact me and let me know that you would like a reading. If you have a specific question, topic, or situation for the focus, you would let me know that (not required, but sometimes helpful!) I will reply to confirm that I got your email, and let you know when to expect your reading (usually within 3 days of your request). I accept payment via PayPal, but can make other arrangements if necessary.

Please email me at choirqueer@gmail.com to set up your reading. I look forward to working with you!


4 Responses to Tarot Readings

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Thank you
    I need sliding scale.I need some guidance for sure.I will be excited to have a reading of What comes up
    Could I send you a cashiers check.
    Blessings and peace

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