Want Stuff?

I make stuff! For you! Here are some examples of the things I can make for you. Everything you see here can be made in lots of different colors and patterns, as you wish!

Johann, the greatest teddy bear in the world, models a fun stripey scarf suitable for all seasons.

Johann models a funky spiraly hat, which can be made to match a scarf, or just be its own funky little solo act.

Here’s that hat again, in some different colors!

Here is a Jayne hat, a crocheted replica of the knitted hat featured in the greatest one-hit-wonder TV show of all time, Firefly. The head belongs to me. The facial expression is my most convincing Jayne face. (Are you convinced?)

Here is a soft, cozy wrap, modeled by my friend Couch.

I can make lots of other things too, including tote bags, crochet hook cases, throw rugs, and puppets.

All projects are custom-made. Do you have something particular in mind that you’d like? Would you like me to come up with something just for you, or someone special to you? Let me know and we’ll figure out something that you’ll love!

You’ll probably want to know how much things cost. It will vary, depending on the size and complexity of the project, but here’s a general idea.

Hats: $30-50 (the spiral hat is $35, the Jayne hat is $40)
Scarves: $35-45 (the one pictured is $35)
Shawls/Wraps: $50-100 (the one pictured is $70)
Tote bags: $40-60
Crochet hook case: $40
Throw rugs: $50-100
Fingerless gloves: $30-50

Want something else? Feel free to ask, and I’ll see what I can do! Shoot me an email at choirqueer@gmail.com .


2 Responses to Want Stuff?

  1. I LOVE the puppets you made for me. “Puck” and “Ginsing” are still having marvelous adventures! Sometimes I even let the grandkids play with them…..

  2. Tessa says:

    Found myself over here via Havi’s blog and HAhahaha omg the Jayne hat. Dying here of laughter. I want that hat for all my Whedon-obsessed friends. May just be back 😛

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